Prague 2 flat


The aim was to make functional use of a small apartment on the top floor of a 1930s apartment building in the centre of Prague. Only the perimeter walls and the preserved parquet floor remain of the sunny studio apartment owned by the architect. The original bathroom and all internal partitions, including the skylight, have been demolished. The dysfunctional entrance to the apartment was solved by moving the door opening and changing the opening of the original door. The main idea was to open up the apartment as much as possible and make it one spacious and airy unit. This was achieved mainly by building a glass bathroom along its entire length.

The newly created bathroom forms a separate box in the apartment. In order not to be seen through the glass partitions, it is fitted with a retractable black latex curtain. The entire bathroom is finished in black, with only the front wall clad in green Bisazza glass mosaic with golden elements. In addition to the glass tiles and the toilet, the lacquered exotic wood floor is also black. Underneath this slatted floor are ingeniously concealed drains for the shower's water drainage. On the other hand, the kitchenette, which is located in the entrance hallway opposite the bathroom, is painted white. The cast epoxy resin floor is also pure white. The original living area has been preserved and the parquet floors have been restored, giving the space the typical feel of apartments from the inter-war period.

Year of construction: 2014–2015

Photography by Jiří Ernest

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